Company Profile


Founded in 1926, Garden has experienced rapid societal changes and technological advancement in the past 90 years. Today, we are still persisting with our paramount values in quality, innovation and advancement.

Garden supplies thousands of food products to today’s retail and catering market, with most of our products internationally awarded.

As one of the largest bakery production corporations in Hong Kong, we are well equipped with state-of-the-art large-scale equipment. Our technology, quality, output and market development have long reached International Standards.

The founder, the late Mr. T. F. Cheung established “May the Chinese Eat Better” as Garden's business motto. Garden strives to serve products with excellent quality, not only for the Chinese but also global consumers to enjoy convenient, nutritious fine food of Garden.

As the community develops, Garden combines food technologies of the Western and modern Chinese, actively keep up the pace with the new world, new market, so as to expand Chinese food market to the world.


Garden's wide assortments of products, high sales volume and extensive market penetration have long been broadly recognized. To further cope with rising market demand, we continue to inject large sums of investment into product research and development as well as upgrading our technology and production hardware. 


The various production procedures are completed with the most sophisticated equipment in our factory. Computer automation is integrated in all the processes from production to packaging, fully manifesting the remarkable results brought about by scientific management.

Furthermore, our principal factory in Sham Tseng with a total area of 70,000 square meters carries out the production lines for bread, cakes, biscuits, candies, etc. With a wholehearted contribution from over 1,200 employees, Garden has established itself as the most reputable manufacturer in the local industry.

•Biscuit Production
Garden possesses diverse expertise, equipment and automated production lines to produce a wide variety of biscuits including wafers, cookies, sandwich biscuits, saltine, crackers and assorted biscuit gift packs to meet market demands.

•Bread Production
Garden’s bread production lines operate on a 24-hour basis, of which one is the first fully-automated line for hamburger buns in Asia.
Apart from the retail market, we provide a huge volume of wholesale goods, which include bread, pastry and frozen dough products to major fast food chains, restaurants, hotels and airline catering services in Hong Kong. With our far-ranging businesses, we are committed to providing consumers with better choices with continuous innovations.

•Cake Production
Our wide range of cakes has long been famous for its high quality and great taste. To cope with market demand, Garden produces cake products with highly efficient production lines, of which one is fully computerized for producing mini-cakes.

Business Development

Besides our major businesses in Hong Kong, Garden has also been actively taping into the China market since the 1980s. Factories had been set up in Dongguan and Yang Zhou to introduce the advanced technology into the food manufacturing industry of the Mainland.


All Garden products are made of the finest ingredients selected from all around the world. Our long-standing experience, fully-automated technology and packaging equipment together with careful quality control guarantee that every product of ours can meet strict quality testing and safety standards.


The Chef trademark of Garden is a symbol of the joy brought about by delicious food. Through many years of hard work, this logo has grown with the public and has become a familiar face to local households.

With the past 90 years of excellence, Garden has successfully established itself as a distinguished brand supported and favored by many consumers around the world. Our products currently reach many major Chinese communities in as far as Europe and the America. Today we are actively developing overseas markets in order to offer our quality foods to consumers in different corners of the world.


With more than nine decades of experience in food production, the Garden Company's determination in offering quality products and services and its innovative spirit are as strong as ever. Looking ahead, we will continue with our commitment to producing nutritious and quality food with the pursuit of perfection.

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