• 1920’s – The Birth of Garden

    The Garden Company was founded by Mr. T. F. Cheung and his cousin Mr. W. O. Wong when they saw the growing trend of western cakes and biscuits consumption.

    The first retail branch opened on Des Voeux Road, Central.

    Where did the name "Garden" come from? The name "Garden" was established when the founders, Mr. T. F. Cheung and Mr. W. O. Wong, passed their time in the Hong Kong Botanical Garden in Central, where they discussed their plan to open a bakery shop.

  • 1930’s – Mission during the Sino-Japanese War

    The Central branch moved to much larger, 3-storey, rented premises at Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po. Using locally manufactured machinery, the factory operated 24 hours a day producing biscuits at daytime, bread and cakes at night.

    A great fire at Winter Solstice destroyed the factory, and a mistake in the insurance policy resulted in a complete loss. The factory had to close down for a few months.

    The company bought a 475 sq. m site on Castle Peak Road for HKD$10,000 to house the new factory.

    With the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, the company went into round-the-clock operation for 7 days to produce 90,000 kg of Army Cracker.

    Operations transferred to the new 1,400 sq. m factory on Castle Peak Road. A contract was signed with the British HK government, appointing Garden as the major supplier of wartime army bakery goods.

    About Air-raid Shelter Biscuit and Army BiscuitAir-raid Shelter is used to protect the civil population against enemy attacks from air. Garden produced highly nutritious and long-lasting Air-raid Shelter biscuits and Army biscuit for the good of citizens and military personnel.

  • 1940's – The Fall and Reborn

    The Castle Peak Road factory was occupied by Japanese troops and all production materials and facilities were demolished. Production once again came to a halt.

    Operations resumed normal at the end of the war.

    Having grown to become one of the leading food enterprises in Hong Kong, Garden registered as a limited company and began its journey as a corporation.

    Inspired by a trade visit to the UK, Mr. T. F. Cheung ordered the latest, fully-automated biscuit production machinery from Britain.

    Pricing of food after wartimeDue to post-war shortage, the prices of food and resources were officially commanded by the Hong Kong Government. Garden was delegated as the allocation centre for the production of bread and biscuits. Its quality products were sold at the standard price of HKD$0.5 per pound and were well received by the general public.

  • 1950's – Automated Production

    The bakery workshop area was increased to 7,000 sq. m, and the company began to supply bread and biscuits to the army, navy and airforce of Hong Kong.

    With automatic biscuit production machine imported from the UK, Garden was the first bakery in Asia to implement mechanized manufacturing processes. The machine produced over 5,000 kg of biscuits per day.

    The company achieved automation of bakery and confectionery production.

    All machinery was seriously damaged in the wake of the October Riots.

    The factory on Castle Peak Road was further expanded to a total area of 10,000 sq. m, with part of the premises rising to as tall as 7 stories.

    October Riots In the 1950s, a large number of Nationalists moved to Hong Kong due to the dispute with the Communists in China. On 10 October 1956, the Nationalist flag was demolished, causing riots outbreak. Garden’s machinery was seriously damaged. Fortunately with the support of employees and machine suppliers, our factory resumed production in 3 months.

  • 1960's – Further Expansion and Winning Awards

    The first loaf of the now famous “Life Bread” introduced new levels of nutrition, long-lasting freshness and hygienic packaging.

    Having grown its workforce to 500, the company purchased a 13,000 sq. m site in Sham Tseng to build the new biscuit and confectionery plant.

    The new biscuit plant went on-stream.



    New launch of Pop Pan



    “Chicken Thins” followed the previous year’s success and brought home a Monde Selection Silver Medal.

    “Pop Pan” won the Gold Medal at the prestigious International Monde Selection, a competition that commends quality products. It was the first in the Hong Kong food industry.

    The new confectionery plant began operation.

  • 1970's– Diversification in Production

    A modernized plant for “Life Bread” was completed in Sham Tseng and commenced operation.

    An additional plant was constructed in Sham Tseng for the production of other products, including buns and sandwich breads.

    The Company celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

    With the opening of its first ice-cream plant, the company took a major step towards product diversification. The revolutionary Si-Si-Sic convenience pack was also launched.

  • 1980's– Expansion into China

    Once again the company received the Gold Medal from the International Monde Selection for its “Peanut Wafer”.

    The No. 3 Bakery Plant began operation, and the confectionery plant was further expanded.

    As a joint venture, Garden established Hua Jia Foodstuff Co. in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

    As part of the celebrations of the Hong Kong Food Festival, Garden made the world’s largest ever moon cake of 400 pounds and a 2-meter diameter. It was donated to the elderly of 4 charity organizations.

    The company further expanded into Mainland China with the establishment of Li Hua Biscuit factory in Dongguan.

  • 1990's- Strength Affirmation

    New machinery was installed in the completely reconstructed Bakery Plant in Sham Tseng. The new plant was a multi-storey building with a total area of approximately 50,000 sq. m.

    As another joint venture, Garden signed an agreement with Gong Yang Foodstuff Co. Ltd. in Yang Zhou, Jiangsu to extend its reach in the East-China market. The factory commenced operation in 2000.

    The Garden Company achieved the highly respected ISO9001 accreditation.

    ISO9001 CertificationISO 9001 is the standard for quality management systems maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. Garden was accredited ISO9001 certification in 1997, which recognizes its products as of high quality and trustful.

  • 2000's– Worldwide Recognition

    Biscuit production began at the new factory in Yang Zhou, Jiangsu, in a joint venture between Garden and Gong Yang Foodstuff Co. Ltd.

    The Company was awarded the “Hong Kong Top Ten Brand Names Awards” by The Chinese Manufacturer’s Association of Hong Kong.

    At the beginning of the year, a new frozen line in the Sham Tseng plant commenced production. The Company was also awarded “Superbrand” by the Hong Kong Superbrands Council.

    In September, the Company acquired a piece of land in Chashan, Dongguan for setting up a new production plant.

    In June, Garden Food (Dongguan) Co. Ltd. was established. Preparation for constructing the Chashan production plant immediately followed.

    The Company was awarded the “Distinguished Employer Award” by the Hong Kong Social & Welfare Department.

    Maintenance of the exterior walls of the Sham Tseng plant was carried out to prepare for the implementation of the dust-proof environment and enhancement project.

    In December, construction of the Chashan production plant was completed and installation of production equipment was started.

    The Wafer production line in Hong Kong and Pop Pan production line in Hua Jia factory were accredited the BRC credit, which recognized that Garden’s food safety, quality management system, production environment, employee hygiene, procedure control and product control had reached ideal standard.

  • 2010s – Strive for excellence

    The new bread line from Hong Kong's Sham Tseng plant began operation.

    The Sham Tseng Gallery opened and welcomed public to visit for free and purchase desired Garden’s products.

    Chashan's new cake line was launched and began operation.

    Garden was benefitted from the Free Trade Agreement “Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement” (CEPA) co-signed by the Mainland and Hong Kong. As a result, Garden was able to make daily deliveries of freshly baked sliced sandwich bread to the Mainland for sale.

    A new membership program "Garden Club" was officially launched.

    Garden has been awarded the “Caring Company” logo since 2015 as a result of its commitment to reach corporate social responsibility and care for the community.

    Dongguan plant established an automated wafer production line to enhance efficiency and quality.