About Garden

What is the connotation of the Garden logo?

The chef logo reveals that Garden’s profession is to manufacture bakery products. Its smiling face symbolizes the satisfaction and joyfulness brought about by our delicious food.

Where did the name "Garden" come from?

The name "Garden" was established when the founders, Mr. T. F. Cheung and Mr. W. O. Wong, passed their time during night breaks in the Hong Kong Botanical Garden in Central, where they discussed their plan to open a bakery shop.

How many “1st” has Garden achieved?

 Garden was the first food company in Hong Kong to use waxed paper for   packaging, with the knowledge that it is capable of keeping Life Bread   fresh and protecting it from contamination

 Garden was the first local food company to use four-colour printing on   poster promotions

 Garden was the first company to use tins to pack moon cakes

 Garden was the first Hong Kong-based bakery to enter the China market

Over Garden's 90 years of operation, has the company managed to supply non-stop and fresh food every day?

Garden has maintained its production of fresh food every day except on three occasions, when crises forced a halt in production:

1. A fire destroyed Garden's factories in 1932

2. In 1940s, after the fall of Hong Kong during World War II, the factories     were commandeered by the Japanese Army.

3. The October 1956 riots seriously damaged the factories

Although Garden factories had been destroyed by fire three times, operations were always resumed quickly and the crises had paradoxically helped Garden to develop into a better and more efficient company

Has Garden ever set any production records?

During the Sino-Japanese War in 1937, Garden manufactured 200,000 pounds of Army Crackers over seven consecutive days - a feat regarded as impossible until it was achieved. Encouraged by this success, Garden pioneered mechanized production by introducing advanced machinery from the UK, speeding up production and increasing production volume. In fact, the company's preparedness in facing insurmountable challenges has boosted its corporate development over the years and created a corporate culture in which the fear of facing a challenge has no place.

In 1986, by invitation of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Garden produced the largest moon cake in HK history for the Hong Kong Food Festival and it was donated to four elderly charity organizations.

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